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Skibbi - adjustable length jump rope with accelerator

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Chillafish Skibbi is the first adjustable length jump rope that changes in length by simply twisting the handle.

Play double dutch in group or simply skip on your own, adjust to your preferred length at any time without cutting or knotting the rope.

Skibbi is adjustable on the fly at any time and when you stop jumping, start cleaning :-) Simply twist the handle and the Skibbi rolls up without a hassle, making it compact and easy to store, bring to school or on vacation.

Skibbi is a great buddy for kids who like playful skipping with their friends, play actively outside and improve their balance and motor skills.

The length adjusts from 0,3 to 3m and can be used by kids as from 110 cm tall up to adults or groups. Skibbi is made of strong high-quality plastic making it very lightweight for ease of use. The cable has a steel core for speed and endurance and a weighted accelerator for even more fun. Twist to your preferred length and jump!