We have a special passion

"It's easy to make a cheap product. It's easy to make an expensive product. What is hard, is to offer great value."

Great value is about the best features in the market, in a beautiful design, in a sustainable and durable quality, still at a very good price. This is what we stand for, those are HAPPI products we design.

H for Hapiness
We make products that radiate fun, they shine hapiness.

A for Affordability
Our products offer a great balance between quality, features and price. Not cheap low-quality, not expensive, just great value.

P for Pure designs and Pure materials
We create simple yet effective designs with sustainable materials or in sustainable quality.

P for Playful Progress
Every product we offer inspires for active playing, for kids to develop their motor skills at an early age.

I for Innovative design
All this with simplicity and functionality in mind. That’s where the innovation and creativity comes into play.  

"And if a product is beautifully designed, doesn't it deserve a beautiful packaging?"

We all like to give a nice present to our friends, kids or cousin. So is the packaging not part of the surprise? Let us surprise you with an innovative product in a beautiful packaging. 

  • "Sustainability starts with durable quality. Even a toy made of plastic, can be very sustainable as long as it's made in a strong and durable way."

    Let's all move away from cheap throw-away quality toys. Let's make products that last and that make kids happy for years to come.

  • "So, if you trust your quality, you give good warranty, right? Right!"

    That's why every registered product at Chillafish automatically extends the standard 2 year warranty to 5 years.

    Your 5 year extended warranty is valid if you register your product on chillafish.com within 3 months after purchase, or automatically when buying on the Chillafish webshop. 

  • "You. Yes, you. We have a special passion for you, our customer."

    That is why already more than 1 MILLION households around the world are happy Chillafish customers.

    And we are here for you. So if you do encounter a problem, just reach out to our team, and we will make sure your problem gets fixed.

    Our Chillafish Talk team is helping customers around the world with replacement parts or advice on any possible issue.

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