Active Skills Development

At Chillafish we believe in inspiring children to develop fundamental skills by playing actively. That's why on every product, we zoom in on some features that develop a certain skill.

Early skills development not only is fun - "Yaay I can do this" - it also helps kids in developing further and growing towards a healthy balanced person.

Being active, playing, being outdoor, developing skills, they all play a very important role to develop a healthy lifestyle and we hope that playing with a Chillafish product can contribute that little bit in acquiring that healthy lifestyle.

That's why we mapped out every product towards the skills that it develops most. 

The most important skills that we defined are listed below:

  • Fine motor skills (e.g. writing, using your fingers to hold/use small tools)
  • Gross motor skills (e.g. hitting a ball with your foot while playing soccer)
  • Learn to stand 
  • Learn to walk
  • Balance and coordination (as it turns out, kids that learn balance and coordination on a balance bike, have a much easier time learning to ride a bicycle, a very important but complex skill)
  • Riding skills (e.g.learning to steer, manoeuvre)
  • Learn safety 
  • Technical and creative thinking, problem solving
  • Organizing and cleanliness
  • Sensory skills (e.g. hearing, feeling, tasting)

And to make it easy and visual for you, we show these skills now on every product we make. You can find them on our product page as one of the visuals.  So make sure to check out the skills development features on our products, just like the below image.


Check out our products pages now to learn more about product-specific skills development.