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ItsiBitsi Blocks ride-on with storage basket and play blocks that fit in frame

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Chillafish Itsibitsi Blocks is a stylishly designed 4-wheel foot to floor ride-on and balance trainer designed for developing a child's gross motor skills (balance, riding) and fine motor skills (playing with blocks).

  • It has a cute little storage basket with colorful play blocks at the front. The play blocks fit inside the holes of the frame and have an asymetric shape so kids have to find the right direct to push the blocks in the frame. This is a great first learning step in fine motor skills development.
  • What makes it so fun is that the blocks are translucent and colorful and therefore they make the ItsiBitsi really stand out with the colorful blocks in the frame. Customize your ItsiBitsi with your colorful blocks!
  • The bright-colored Itsibitsi is not only cute but also very durable thanks to the steel wheel axles and the strongly engineered frame design.
  • ItsiBitsi has a steering angle limiter to prevent overturning the handlebar and toppling. Stable, yet challenging kids to find first balance, and lightweight to maneuver plus easy to carry for parents for a stroll around the block. T
  • The ItsiBitsi Blocks wheels are made of strongly molded plastic, making them durable to be used indoors and outdoor.
  • Very cute and super stylish design yet strong: best value in the market, it’s Itsibitsi! Play longer!
  • Comes fully assembled in the packaging, ready for your first ride.
  • Recommended kids' height between 70-110 cm/ 27,5-43,5 inch.
  • The seat height is 9 inch / 23 cm.
  • For toddlers from 1 to 3 years