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Itsibitsi - super simple, hyper cute

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Chillafish Itsibitsi is a stylishly designed 4-wheel foot to floor ride-on balance trainer for toddlers from 1 to 3 years. The stylish frame hints towards parents that look for a touch of quality, that long for longevity in a fun and colorful toy. Durability is guaranteed with an engineered plastic frame construction that can last for ages and steel axles for great rolling. The built-in steering angle limiter prevents overturning when learning to ride and developing skills in a safe way. Itsibitsi is stable yet triggers a first sense of balance. It is lightweight so kids can easily maneuver and handle their little bike, while parents find it easy to carry along for a stroll around the block. The ItsiBitsi wheels are plastic, yet strong and durable to be used indoors and outdoor. All that value comes at a tiny price, so that's why ItsiBitsi is likely one of the best value ride-on toys in the market. Play Longer ! ItsiBitsi comes fully assembled in the packaging, ready for the first ride. Recommended child height between 70-110 inch / 27,5-43,5 cm. The seat height is 9 inch / 23 cm.

  • 4-wheeled ride-on for kids from 1 to 3 years, recommended child height between 70 to 110 inch / 27,5 to 43,5 cm. The seat height is 9 inch / 23 cm. Superb for co-ordination. Your adorable first ride-on.
  • Sustainable and durable thanks to the thin steel axle in the PP plastic frame, play longer
  • Safe: a steering angle limiter to prevent overturning, play safely
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Stylishly designed and bright-colored, your adorable first ride-on.