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Bobbi - multisport helmet

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Chillafish Bobbi is an ABS hard-shell helmet certified for cycling, skating and skiing, all in one. The hard shell features excellent toughness, protection and resistance to impact and has a low cut for maximum protection at the ears. The back of the helmet is cut high enough for unobstructed head & neck movement, complete with ponytail hair ports :-)

Bobbi comes with a winter and a summer padding so that you can use it in all weather conditions. Just scratch off a padding and replace it with the other padding, simple as that.
Bobbi’s open summer ear pads are designed in such a way they give optimized protection, but your little one can still hear everything. That’s if they wánt to hear you 😉
The warmer inner padding and closed winter ear pads are added in the box for when the family puts on their skis, and the included goggle retainer is even compatible with your little one’s goggles.

The adjustable & integrated chinstrap & strap sliders keep the helmet squarely on your child’s head. Bobbi fits nice & snug, for maximum protection.

Bobbi has great airflow & breathability to increase the cooling effect inside the helmet. Engineered to help every little adventurer conquer every obstacle in every condition and climate, when biking, skating, riding or even skiing.

Bobbi multi-sport helmet offers more coverage, is triple certified and achieves a perfect fit thanks to the different sweat absorbing & machine washable pads of varying thickness, with Velcro tabs.
Bobbi has everything you are looking for in a helmet !