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BMXie2 - 12" lightweight balance bike with footbrake

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The BMXie2 balance bike is probably the coolest balance bike of the world. Now with integrated footrest and footbrake for learning to brake and for learning cool tricks. The real BMX-styled bicycle frame with oversized tubing makes riding and sliding so easy. It’s more than just balance: it's coordination, style, tricks and fun in one. 

  • The coolest lightweight balance bike in the world for kids 2-5 years has even improved : now with integrated footrest and footbrake.
  • Integrated footbrake makes it perfect to learn braking, but also fun to skid for the advanced riders.
  • Easy seat adjustment: the seat is adjustable from 12,6 to 15,3 inch / 32 to 39cm. No tools required; just turn, pull and lock
  • Lightweight frame with oversized tubing is built of reinforced plastics and makes riding and sliding very easy
  • Airless 12-inch RubberSkin tires give you the perfect grip and you don’t have to inflate them anymore
  • Detachable front number plate with various stickers for cool customisation