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BMXie Vrooom - multi-play balance trainer with real VROOM VROOOM sounds

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The Chillafish BMXie Vrooom gets kids excited while learning multiple skills. BMXie Vrooom is a multi-play balance trainer and now comes with sound ‘turbo cards’. Learning balance on a balance bike gets even better: insert the Turbo Cards to make real motor sounds while riding, VROOM VROOOM. The 3 included Turbo Cards make roaring noises at the front fork - VROOM VROOOM! The Turbo Cards have different settings to adjust the sound level. Great to help kids develop their sensory and fine motor skills. It’s like they are riding a real motorcycle, especially with the hand protectors: they protect the hands and make you look like a boss! Airless EVA tires give you the greatest comfort: you don't even need to inflate them anymore. No puncture risk, from now on only fun! Need anything more? Maybe a detachable front number plate with various stickers for cool customization? Yup, we got that too! BMXie balance bike has been in the Chillafish family since the very beginning and is one of the most widely used balance bikes in the world. This is our fifth generation of the BMXie bike, with improved engineering and features. Chillafish products are trusted by over 1 million households around the globe. Seat adjusts without tools from 12,6-16,1 inch / 32-41 cm. Recommended kid's height: 34,3-43,3 inch / 87-110 cm