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BMXie Moto - 12" Balance trainer with real ‘vroom vroom’ motor sounds as you ride

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The Chillafish BMXie MOTO is probably the most multifunctional balance bike in the world, now with detachable play motor & sound ‘turbo cards’. BMXie has been in the Chillafish family almost since the very beginning and is an expert in learning kids how to push off, balance and steer; which boosts their coordination abilities. BMXie has proven to be a coolest buddy to grow with your child for years!

  • The BMXie MOTO balance bike doesn't compromise : a real BMX-styled bicycle frame, oversized tubing but extremely lightweight. Super-duper cool design, adjustable seat without tools and with integrated play motor & sound ‘turbo cards’.
  • The play motor has 2 small storage areas and children can work on it with the child safe screws & screwdriver included in the packaging. It’s fun and helps them to improve their fine motoric & cognitive skill development.
  • The 3 included sound ‘turbo cards’ make roaring noises at the front fork ~ VROOM VROOM!
  • A great sensation to help them develop their sensory skills, on which other high-level skills like social skills, problem-solving, and coordination are built.
  • It’s like they are riding a real motorcycle, especially as they also have a child safe starter key to act like a grownup!
  • It is cool design that grows with your child, comes in funky colors and has moto-style hand protectors to display their cool factor. Need anything more? Maybe a detachable front number plate with various stickers for cool customization? Got it!This is probably the coolest balance bike in the world!
  • Airless Rubber Skin tires give you the best grip possible, and you don't even need to inflate them. A foam core means they cannot puncture; an outside rubber layer makes them just like rubber tires, unlike other foam tires on the market.Great grip and no pumps - that's best of both worlds. Exactly what every Chillafish balance bike needs!
  • Chillafish has world-wide expertise when it comes to balance bikes and all sorts of wheeled toys and is determined to bring the Chillafish values to the wide world. Entering the households of more than 1 million people makes them experts in creating fun, innovative and high-quality sustainable toys that withstand the test of time to hand down to little brother or sister.