Izzy 12" GLOW at Sam's Club

Woop woop, new arrival at Sam's Club!! Head to your favorite club to grab one of those cool Izzy Glow Balance bikes or BUY ONLINE HERE until stocks last.

Chillafish Izzy Glow is a hyper lightweight 12” balance trainer with integrated light-up wheels when riding for extra fun and visibility. The LED lights in the wheels don’t need any batteries, they are simply powered by riding the Izzy Glow. The faster you go, the brighter they glow. With its puncture-proof tires and the high-quality metal frame, it’s the perfect toy to train your toddler gross motor skills, balance and steering. The custom molded comfort seat and handlebar are easily adjustable in height. 

Thanks to its lightweight frame your toddler can easily control the bike and, in combination with the integrated carry handle, it makes it easy for parents to carry it as well. The no-puncture 12-inch EVA tires are really comfortable: no need to inflate the tires anymore, no puncture risk, from now on only fun! Izzy Glow balance bike will teach your kids to ride a real bicycle in no time! Play longer! Recommended age: 2-5 years Recommended height: 34.3-43.3 in / 87-110 cm

So if you are ready for this great little toddler bike, run to your local Sam's Club store or BUY IT ONLINE HERE 

Have fun!!