Dodgi Gameplays

Dodgi Gameplays

Dodgi is a fun shoot and catch game with soft balls that can be launched and caught with the same Dodgi launcher.  A Dodgi play set includes 2 rackets, a few balls and an optional target.

Dodgi can be played in hundreds of ways, with 2 players, multiple players or just on your own to get your aiming and catching skills right. 

To get you started, here's a few gameplays that are fun.  Some for a single player, some for 2 or multiple players.



Hit your opponent, you score (+1). If your opponent catches, he scores (+1).


Hit the wall in a pre-agreed target. If you hit the mark, you score (+1). If your opponent catches, he scores (+1).


Just like Ping Pong: hit the table in the direction of your opponent. If he can't catch,you score, if he catches you don't.

Dodgi Quarterback

Like American football: the 'Quarterback' hurls the ball with Dodgi aiming for maximum distance, while the 'Receiver' sprints to capture the ball in mid-air before it makes contact with the ground.

Ballistic Dodgi

Lay a target on the ground and shoot a ballistic trajectory and try to hit the target (ballistic= up in the air, do not aim directly).

Hide and Dodge

Play hide and seek, if you find your opponent(s), try to hit them1If they catch the ball, then they can go hide again.


It's the archery style, just hit that target.

Dodgi Trick Shot

Launch a ball skyward and try to hit it by shooting another ball with the Dodgi slingshot.

Let us know on social media if you have come up with some fun gameplays as well.  We'd love to know.


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