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Check out our newest innovations!

31BMXie-RS blood-curdling Halloween Giveaway


31BMXie-RS blood-curdling Halloween Giveaway

MWAHAHAHAHA … over more than 200.000 BMXie-RS sold, so we decided to kick up our heels and have a really good party !!

Between October 19th and November 20th 2017 we gave away 31 BMXie-RS for free !
Almost 6000 fans tried to guess the weight of our Halloween pumpkin, and we now know the names of the 31 lucky winners who made the closest guess… they win this extremely lightweight BMXie-RS !

Amy Heffernan ~ Ana Liza Belleza ~ Angie Ogden ~ Angie Grogan ~ Anita Ramey ~ April Martellini ~ Corrine Nichol ~ Cynthia Estrada ~ Dana Miller ~ Deanna Diebler ~ Deanna Parnell ~ Denise Low ~ Esther Swartz ~ Genevieve Estadt ~ Heather Cross ~ Jeannette Harkin ~ Jolie Collins ~ Joyce Ycasas ~ Kat Gibson ~ Klaas Bakker ~ Mabel Gonzalez ~ Marilyn Gilbert ~ Melissa Mertens ~ Misty Ashley ~ Rachel Browning ~ Ralph Connor ~ Rick Mishich ~ Robbie De Bie ~ Shanelle Stanley ~ Sheila Hansen ~ Wendy Hutton

Didn’t win ? Don’t panic ! BMXie-RS is now available in blue & lime at your local Costco warehouse at a discount of almost 50%.
Visit for all info & details – hurry !
… and there is more ;-) BUY ONE BMXie-RS at COSTCO, AND GET A $5 CASHBACK !

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