Chillafish plane
Chillafish Bunzi
Chillafish Bunny


gradual balance bike

Bunzi gradual balance bike, from 3 wheels to 2 wheels without tools. Balance training at your child’s pace.

Chillafish balloon
Chillafish directions
Chillafish Quadie


funky 4-wheeled grow-with-me ride-on

Quadie takes the 4-wheeler back to its roots. A simple and functional first ride, a very clean and stylish look, lightweight for carrying and handling, and cute as cupcakes with different customization options.

Chillafish BMXIE


probably the coolest
balance bike in the world

The BMXie balance bike doesn't compromise: a real BMX-styled bicycle frame, oversized tubing but extremely lightweight. Superduper cool design, adjustable seat without tools and a removable footrest.

Chillafish Jack and Josie

Jack & Josie

durable balance bike with stylish twin-tube
steel frame and cool graphics.

What a cool ride for your youngest. Push of little guy, and you go!! Your first balance experience on a funky cool dude ride. Once you get the hang of it, push off and roll with your feet on the footrest. Isn't that so much fun?


- In the spotlight -

Bunzi FAD



Artists are no warmakers, artists are no lawmakers. Artists are the peacekeepers and the storytellers that make us think about our world.

At Chillafish we think we need more peacemakers for the sake of our future generations. That’s why we invite artists from around the world with an inspiring message about art and life to present their art on our product and its packaging.

This time however, we didn’t choose just any artist but invited kids to send their very own drawings to us. The winner of this first “Artists of Tomorrow” contest, Ren Otsuka, is 6 years old and wants to be an astronaut. For Chillafish he drew his dream into a colorful artwork!

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Bunzi FAD Special Edition
Fabulously Artistic Designs by Chillafish

Fabulously Artistic Designs

A limited edition Bunzi, whitish in color and full-color printed with a young artist’s design. Find out more on the Chillafish FAD website.

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Win our brand new BMXie-RS!


For every day in August, there’s a BMXie-RS balance bike to win! That’s a total of 31 BMXie-RS bikes that we’re giving away. :-)

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